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Kevin Feige Discusses About the Marvel’s Plan Post Avengers 4

In past ten years, Marvel Studios has become a giant who can set box office registers ringing when it desires. There was a time when the studio would reveal the plan for their upcoming movies for next phase or coming 4-5 years. However, in the past one year or so the studio’s president Kevin Feige has shied away from revealing much details about the upcoming projects as the information can act as a massive spoiler for their highly anticipated Avengers Infinity War Part 2. That’s why Marvel skipped the last year’s SDCC, and the same will be happening this year also. But the Marvel president Kevin Feige has stated that they will be less cagey about the phase 4 post-release of Avengers 4.

In his recent interview with Comicbook during the press event of highly anticipated Ant-Man and The Wasp, when asked about the future slate of movies that will be coming, Kevin Feige answered that they currently have their hands full with Captain Marvel finishing shoot in two weeks and then Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel production starting in two weeks along with that ongoing post-production of Avengers 4. In a quick reply, he said: “It’s always one film at a time.” He also pointed out that moving forward they will be again focusing on the source material which fans might be able to look to for information regarding what to expect.

Fiege further added that “It is about a year for the rest of those things, The plan going forward is gonna be about making the great film, as good a film as we can, one after another. How they connect, how they build up, it all goes back to the comics. Comics has done a good job. Infinity War was just one mega event in the comics in the history of mega events. So, who knows.”

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As per him, the rollout plan for the future movies that will be released during MCU phase 4 is being worked upon, but we will have to wait a reasonable amount of time to get the update regarding them. “Marketing’s coming up with all sorts of things,” Feige continued “How to debut [those plans], how to debut Captain Marvel, lots of opportunities for fun, exciting stuff coming up. And after Avengers 4, being less cagey about it.”

From the above comments by Kevin, it looks like Marvel will keep us engrossed in their amazing stories for at least another ten years or so. The primary challenge that studio will be facing going ahead is that of keeping the Superhero genre fresh as many Hollywood A-listers have voiced that superhero genre will die soon as with so many movies coming out year on year. But, with a visionary like Kevin Feige at the helm of Marvel Studios, we can imagine an amazing world full of superheroes.

What are views on the current plans of Marvel? Are you excited about the next Marvel release Ant-Man and The Wasp? Do let us know in the comments below.

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