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Marvel Studios Planning To Shake Things Up With Dark Avengers Movie!!

Marvel Studios is on the move and is looking to expand its horizon by developing different properties in the coming years. The first step in that direction has been taken as the studio has finished the script of Dark Avengers movie. The phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic universe is nearing its end with the final conclusion, Avengers 4 coming out in May next year. Many of the big names attached to the universe will bid their final adeu to the most beloved characters and Chris Evans is the first one to do so as he wrapped up the final day of the shoot. Now from this moment on Marvel has to set up things for even bigger things in future as more new characters will join the universe along with some familiar ones to take things forward.

The first property to come on board of this ever-expanding universe is the Eternals whose development is in full swing after it landed writers and recently getting Chloe Zhao as the director of the movie. In past we have seen that Marvel has made some obscure moves by picking properties that are not well known, Guardians of the Galaxy is one of them. Now, if the reports are correct then Dark Avengers is the next one to join the same league.

Marvel Dark Avengers Movie

Dark Avengers Movie

Recently Hashtag show reported that Marvel has commissioned a script for a Dark Avengers movie. However, there are very few details known about the script like who has wrote it and is this the final script or Marvel will be looking for another script to take things ahead. Alongside this, it is not clear what the deadline studio has assigned to the project. So, we will have to wait some more time to get the clear image of the development of Dark Avengers.

The Dark Avengers were first formed in 2009 by Brian Michael Bendis as the stars of their own comic series. The team was created by Norman Osborn when government approaches him to redevelop the team, as he was the head of new formed S.H.I.E.L.D. called H.A.M.M.E.R. He was given this duty after he helped in defeating Skrulls during the Secret Invasion. The Dark Avengers includes Greek God of War Ares, addict turned hero Sentry, Wolverine’s son Daken fills up the shoes of his dead father, Mac Gargan becoming the Spiderman/Venom, Nor-Varr as the Captain Marvel, Moonstone as Ms. Marvel and Norman Osborn dawning the Iron Patriot Suit.

Marvel Dark Avengers Movie

Dark Avengers Movie

The current comic book lineup is exciting however, it will be very difficult for Marvel to bring these same characters to life on the screen. There are few reasons behind this, first one being the rights of the character as Marvel doesn’t own the Venom hence he is surely out of the picture and the second reason is the timeline as bringing these characters will surely shake the things too much for Marvel. Hence, the studio has to plan the Dark Avengers movie very carefully. Let’s wait and watch what Marvel has in store for us in the coming future.

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