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What’s the meaning of ASL slang in Omegle

No one left, who are not using any social media application or website, there are plenty of networks available that everyone generally knows about, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and others. But the world of social media doesn’t end here, because there are a lot of portals which are running a bit under the radar, and one of them is Omegle a site that provides a platform for “Talk to strangers!”. And like every other social media platform Omegle has created its own acronym which is quite popular slang, ASL which is often used as an initial intro between two strangers. So, here we will tell you the meaning of ASL slang in Omegle.


What is Omegle?

So, some people might wonder, what exactly is Omegle? For this, we will say that it’s a social media platform that allows users to connect and chat with strangers. The platform works like a two-person chat room that pairs you up with another random stranger. The conversations in the chats in Omegle are supposed to be completely incognito, and users are advised against exchanging photos or personal informs. Most conversations on the site take place through instant messages, but there is also a video feature in Omegle which allows two people to video chat with one another using webcams.


Meaning of ASL slang in Omegle

When you start a chat with an unknown person on Omegle, the first thing in the chat that people ask you, if they don’t know anything about you, is the message ASL. Actually this an acronym which stands for “Age, Sex, Location?”

This is the most frequent and general question which is asked and most of the time this is the only thing, which is just to start the conversation by directly asking the  Omegle user to reveal their age, what’s their gender and where they live. These three questions are generally the most personal pieces of information that Omegle users reveal to one another during the starting of their chats on the Omegle platform. With the acronym getting so much importance in starting the chat between the two strangers, it won’t be wrong if we say that ASL is the Omegle way of a handshake and introduction. The importance of ASL in Omegle is a lot, as the users aren’t supposed to exchange names, age, sex and location serve as their identifying information instead.


Omegle ‘s Common Slang.

Omegle is one of the platforms which is all about slang. If you active on Omegle, we recommend, you should need to know much other slang used in Omegle. Even if you are a regular user who just loves to be in conversations, you may need to know such shortcuts.

BRB. It stands for “ be right back” generally used to stop a conversation for a while, with confirmation of coming back to continue the chat.

KTHXBAI. This acronym stands for “OK Thanks Bye”

Godmode.  It generally refers to the frowned-upon practice of describing, intentionally or accidentally, actions taken by the other player’s character, rather than your own.  

IRL.  This acronym stands for “in real life.”  

OC.  It stands for “original character”. It means a character you made up, without copying any fantasy of the comics.

TW. Stands for “trigger warning”. It’s a troll acronym. Which is used before you are about to share any content in the chats that may trigger the other person in the chats.

OTP. Stands for “one true pairing”, in fanspeak, which generally refers to having a romantic pairing you support above all others, or very very seriously. So, use this carefully, as this may be the end of the story.

So, this is all about the ASL meaning in Omegle and few acronyms used in Omegle as a slang.


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