Melee player walks out of match following Jigglypuff stall

In Vancouver at the Battle of BC 3, a melee player, during a Melee Singles match walked out of the match following Jigglypuff stall by his opponent. The match was between Alejandro ‘Chango’ Gastelum and Chaucer ‘Fauxhebro’ Gilson. Before the incident, the score was 2-2. After taking one stock lead, Chango chose to avoid fighting the Ice Climbers. It looked like he was trying to stall out the timer and, hence, win the game by the lead.


Check out the whole live incident during a Melee Singles match at Battle of BC 3 below:

The incident became even more awkward after commentators apologized to viewers when spectators booed and started swearing in the background. You can stall in a fighting game once you get a health or stock lead against an opponent. After that, you need to block or dodge an attack by the opponent and then wait for the timer to reach zero. Though stalling is not praised that much, many competitive players use it as a tactic in competitive matches.

At the near end of the match, before Fauxhebro walked out of the match, both players stood against each other with no fighting at all. That was the point where Fauxhebro rage quits and walks of the stage mid-tournament. Now, the game has recently been dropped from Evo, the best fighting tournament in the world.

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