Meliodas: Eldest Son of Demon King

Meliodas Past

Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins;
Feared by all Clan;
What do you need to know about the Eldest Son of Demon King and his curse?

Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins is Meliodas, mortal enemy of all holy knights, and betrayal of the Ten Commandments. Our hero introduced in the first chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins series when he rescue Elizabeth from the Holy Knights. Our Deadly Sin hero is the successor of Demon King, possess Demonic power helps him to enhance his physical strength, speed, and healing energy.

Meliodas History:

The main protagonist of the series, Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, Dragon Sin of Wrath is Meliodas owner of the renowned tavern Boar Hat and once is the former leader of the Ten Commandments, the commandment of Love. Meliodas’ history is 3000 years past. 3000 years ago Meliodas was trained by the Chandler ( highest ranked demon of the Demon Clan). After training, Meliodas was made the leader of the Ten Commandments confer with the commandment of “Love” and honored as the most powerful and ruthlessness demon ever. Everyone is feared by the Demon Clan because of him, ever Four Archangels of Goddess Clan fearing and conceding the existence of his power. Although, he was considered to be the true and worthy heir of the next Demon King.

However, during battle, he met and fell in love with the Goddess Elizabeth and chose her over his clan by abandoning his commandments. He killed two of the Ten Commandments, Aranak and Zeno during the escape and officially betrayed the whole Demon Clan. On the other side, Elizabeth also betrayed the Goddess Clan by loving a Demon. This power imbalance caused the Holy War, in which all the clans participated, including the Goddess, Giants, Fairies, Demons, and Humans.
During the last days of the war, the leader of the Demon Clan(Demon King) and the Goddess Clan( Supreme Deity) worked together to punish both Meliodas and Elizabeth. Completely outmatched by their powers, both Meliodas and Elizabeth died during the battle with them, but their curse is far worse than death.



The Demon King cursed Meliodas with the eternal life, whenever he’ll die, he will regain all his demonic power and will forget all his emotions and will alive as the ruthlessness demon again. Then he will meet Elizabeth and will regain all his memory but will lose all his demonic power.
The Supreme Deity hellfire him that he will always see Elizabeth death in front of his eyes. Whenever Elizabeth will die, her reincarnation takes birth in a human body and one day she will regain her powers, memories, and love with Meliodas. After knowing all the memory with Meliodas, she will die again in front of his eyes.

This curse will continue until Meliodas becomes the Demon King and forget everything about Elizabeth.

Meliodas Power:

Meliodas main power of Full Counter and Revenge Counter in which he repels opponents attack with double power. Besides this his powers and skills are legendary. He is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, once the leader of the Ten Commandments and second most powerful demon after Demon King. Unlike all the demons, he can manifest powerful amount of darkness which can be used and morph into different shapes, form wings, form shield, reattaching limbs, and allow him to enhance both physical and magical powers. Once, he can easily outmatch Escanor power, despite his power increasing as every second and being defeated only when Escanor reaches his peak but still Meliodas heal himself before Escanor.
This shows he can defeat Escanor in his highest peak even in the afternoon when the sun is at the top.
Besides this Meliodas can use HellBlaze, a mysterious black flames ability which nullifies even immortal’s regeneration, as shown when he used against Ban on his chest. According to the predictions when all his Demonic power returns, his total combat power(Magic+Strength+Spirit) is equal to 142000 in assault mode.