Meri Nimmo is an EROS NOW Original film with a storyline that revolves around an open-eyed delusion of an 8-year-old boy Hemu, who falls in love with an older girl. Old enough to understand love but too young to understand. A sweet tale of misunderstood attraction as love followed by heartbreak but a happy end. Produced by Aanand L. Rai and Directed by Rahul Ganore Shankiya, starring Anjali Pathak, Karan Dave, Aryan Mishra and Aman Singh Parihar.

Meri Nimmo in Crux.

Meri Nimmo has a very distinctive storyline as it portrays an 8-year-old cute (Hemu)  falls in love with an older girl (Nimmo) who takes care of him in the absence of his widow mother, being a helpful neighbour and like his elder sister but he one day realises by being irked by his friend that he is infatuated towards her, but he mistook it for love. Though the things were going smoothly by now but when he gets to know that her family members are planning to arrange her marriage and she too is interested, he gets disturbed onto which he starts maintaining distance from her in the fallacy that she will please him as she loves him also, but a possibility can’t be ruled out, and this misunderstanding of infatuation for love always leads to heartbreak. Things happened the way they were destined, and the once-shattered life moved on happily. It still showed how children innocently try their best to understand the perks of adulthood being naive of understanding the relationships and responsibilities with and of life.

Meri Nimmo


Meri Nimmo’s if’s and but’s.

As every coin has two sides, so does the movie had, with a unique plot and crisp act by the actors it missed to please us by winding up little dull. Certain punches, a bit laughter and a layer of sound editing could have added a lovely flavor to it. Of course, the concept of the movie was distinguished, but the wow factor was missing. The topic wasn’t worth stretching up to 90 minutes instead it could have been a great short story with a unique storyline.