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Microsoft Whiteboard App Now Out for Windows 10 Users

Microsoft announced whiteboard a digital platform for creating and sharing the drawing last year in May and later Released a preview version of the app in December. The app is now out of the preview phase and is widely available for all the users of Windows 10.

The whiteboard app is now openly available on Microsoft Windows store which is free of cost and can be downloaded by signing in with the Microsoft account. In a company’s official blog post, it was mentioned that an ios, as well as a web version of the app, will also be available soon, but no specific date was mentioned.

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To use collaboration feature of Whiteboard app at least one of the team members are required to have a subscription of Office 365 and it’s mandatory for enterprise customers. Microsoft has also announced that collaboration between multiple enterprise users, all who have an Office 365 subscription, will also be pushed via an update in the future.

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For the unaware what Microsoft whiteboard is all about, the whiteboard app as explained by the company is a collaborative canvas where team members can execute creative tasks like drawing, adding images, using digital notes to organize ideas and more via a digital inking feature.

Download Whiteboard from the Microsoft Store (Free)

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