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Mission Impossible Sequels confirmed for Summer 2021 and Summer 2022

Mission impossible team is all set for two more sequels. Christopher McQuarrie signs on to write and direct two back-to-back Mission Impossible films and he already posted it on twitter. As the last two MI sequels flooded the box office, Mission Impossible Fallout made $790 million and MI Rogue Nation made $682.7 million worldwide. Fallout is the highest grossing movie till now in the Mission Impossible franchise, but the team is expecting more with the 7th and 8th sequel. Mission Impossible 7 is probably going to release in summer 2021 and the follow-up Mission Impossible 8 will be released in 2022.

Mission Impossible Sequels

Mission Impossible Sequel


And of course Tom Cruise will be starring, currently, he is working on Top Gun: Maverick which will be releasing in 2020 and the team will start the production of the 7th sequel sometime in 2019.

McQuarrie’s return marks a significant and definitive shift for the franchise, which famously saw a new director take over with each new instalment for the first four films and with this new deal he’ll have directed four sequels of his own by 2022 in this franchise. In the shadow of McQuarrie, the team is able to provide us with the best action set-pieces, sense of character and narrative.


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