Mitsuki Sage Mode Transformation (Power Abilities and Appearance)

Mitsuki Sage Mode transformation

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations” already revealed about Mitsuki Sage Mode Transformation

We all know that Senjutsu is not an easy jutsu which anyone can master. Our original Sannin hero, Jiraya struggled a lot and never managed to get a perfect sage mode transformation. Only, Naruto was able to master Senjutsu after undergoing hard training, but he isn’t the only one who can use this transformation now.
Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 39, adapted an epilogue novel detailing Mitsuki’s past, and in the final moment young boy finally, uncover his true power. This episode followed Mitsuki as a young boy who joined Orochimaru on a special mission. Orochimaru told him that he apparently lost all his memory, and they were looking to get back his memory. During the mission, they were encountered by a strange man in armour.  Orochimaru managed to disable the opponent and ordered Mitsuki to take care of the opponent. By the time Orochimaru finished his mission, Mitsuki learned from the armoured man that he was nothing but just another clone. This made Mitsuki nervous, and he lost his control and unconsciously slipped into the sage mode transformation. Later on, we discovered that it was all Orochimaru’s plan to know whether his experiment is successful or not.
Mitsuki words after transformation;
“I’m a kid, all that doesn’t really matter to me. The things you adults are talking about, that is. As for anything to do with me, I’ll decide that for myself.”
Mitsuki Sage mode transformation
Mitsuki Sage Mode Transformation Studio Pierrot
Physical Appearance;
As we already know in sage mode, body changes its form depending upon the transformation. Mitsuki is enveloped by a green powerful aura, and his eyes become elongated like a snake. A horn grows from his forehead, and scales appear on his face. His deadly look makes him horrifying one. His overwhelming power gives him a major boost in speed, strength, and intelligence from which everyone got surprised. Even Orochimaru has no words for him.

Power Abilities;

Mitsuki is made under the teaching software named the White Snake in Ryuuchi Cave. Orochimaru and Kabuto also tried to attend this power but unable to possess complete sage transformation. According to the Orochimaru, Mitsuki’s Sage Mode has the ability to take down multiple barriers in just one shot. His chakra has the power of several white snakes emitting from him. Mitsuki has both Wind Style and Lightning Style Chakra natures, and he can use yellow lighting as well. He also has the ability to stretch his body using white snakes similar to Orochimaru or Luffy from One Piece.
In addition, when it comes to Taijutsu, Mitsuki has a unique fighting style.
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