Lately, YouTube has become a stable platform where you can show your creativity easily and grab the attention of audiences. As earlier only TV screens and theaters were the only places to give people the experience of stories that can leave an impact. And getting to showcase your art at these two places was the colossal task which might cost you years of your life. Now with web progressing at a fast pace that even the notable filmmakers like Vivek Agnihotri is making move on YouTube with his short film titled Mohammad & Urvashi. The short film is released under the banner of Humara Movie and Little Duck productions.

What is the story of Mohammad & Urvashi?

The story revolves around a man named Mohammad, who is the keeper of the mosque. He is a god feared man and has a firm belief that God is the one who controls all. The movie depicts the inner conflict of this man who he devoted to God and has surrendered himself to the religion. However, his human side leads him to a path where he considers ever horrible act of his a sin and thinks devil is the reason behind the crimes he commits. Even after killing an ant, he asks for forgiveness from the god for his act. But later in the screenplay he commits much bigger sins and keeps asking for forgiveness. As per my interpretation, we as humans take the concept of forgiveness for granted and the movie tries to highlight that. Mohammad fears that if he doesn’t ask for forgiveness he will be punished and after some time of begging he commits even more significant mistake that leads him deep into guilt and remorse.


What makes Mohammad & Urvashi Worth Watch?

Mohammad & Urvashi has right setting and cinematography shines all the way. The mediocre screenplay is bundled with a good background score that builds up the curiosity to see what is the message that movie beholds. The actors Mayukh Rayhe, Khushboo Upadhyay and Manoj Sharma have done a noteworthy work. The film undoubtedly has a suspense element that keeps you involved till the very end. The interpretation of the story is left completely on the viewer and it depends on his perception that what meaning he draws out of it.

What makes Mohammad & Urvashi blahh?

Vivek Agnihotri has undoubtedly tried something new with this short, but the film inevitably falls short of delivering the message it is intended to do. The plot is too confusing, and it takes a toll on you interpret the meaning the story that could have been told in the much more straightforward way. Everything that is good be it background score; cinematography goes little south as film is not able to make the Audience go wow.

You can check this one here, and let’s discuss your interpretation of this short in comments below.