Monster Hunter World is releasing on 26 January and Sony decided to announce its bundle with PS4 Pro and also we are going to see a Glacier White PS4 Pro standalone along with that.

Sony has confirmed to be launching a black and red themed Monster Hunter World console and Glacier White as standalone.

The bundle is not yet listed at any of the Indian websites but we can hope for its late arrival, right? The Bundle is pretty late as people already have preordered the game or bought the PS4 Pro. You can check out the price at Gamestop. Also, you can check out the Glacier white PS4 Pro standalone console price here. Both of these Consoles are Gamestop Exclusives.

We already had a Red Controller but its kind of a maroonish with dragon flairs on it which makes it kinda cool. I hope to see an Indian release date and pricing for this console really soon.

Are you excited about the Monster Hunter World? Another Beta is Coming later this week. Let us know what you think.

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