I have played a lot of Capcom games over the years and if you are an avid gamer like me then you know a lot beyond Resident evil and Streetfighter and Monster Hunter isn’t one of them who actually made it to the mainstream collection of a gamer but that’s changed now.

According to the sales, Monster Hunter sold a lot of copies which made it Capcom’s biggest ever, Ask Why? This game captured the ecosystem of the wildlife which is I personally think is by far the first-game. Not only they have managed to do that but also there is a difference of what materials you get by slaying those creatures.Monster Hunter: World (Character Creation) If you are a Skyrim fan then you would love the game from its first step which is its Character Customization. From adjusting your nose to your skin color around your eyes, this will make you create yourself in the best way possible. You can go for the pre-loaded presents but where’s the fun in that.

You are introduced as an A-lister for hunting the monsters and you are allowed to have a handler with you which will actually see and update you on the quests and how urgent they are. The game took a drastic turn when your boat hits a giant rock which has read lava in it and a Monster on top, & from that point, the expedition starts. Finding a camp, Slaying Monsters and all of that with beautiful armor and crazy weapons.Monster Hunter World (Astera)The initial camp for you is the place called “Astera” includes all the people who will help you go on a quest or build an armor or crazy weapons. The fun part is the animation it includes while forging or upgrading a weapon. The animations are beautiful and fun to watch when you go to the canteen and order a meal. There are parts in the game which worth every minute.

The game is vast and so is the storyline and we at Vostory wants best for the gamers. There is a lot of content to be played and discover.

To be Continued…..