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Morbius-Next in Sony’s Spider-Verse after Venom(Possible)

Morbius, a spinoff based on the titular character can be the next film in the Sony’s Spider-Verse. After the Venom hits the theatres next week, it could be the next in line.

“Well, Morbius is very, very far along. So that’s something we are planning to go make in the very near future,” Matt Tolmach, the producer, told Cinemablend.

Matt Tolmach didn’t confirm the Morbius coming in the Sony’s Spider-Verse right away, but it is likely to happen. Following the indefinite delay of Silver & Black, the movie is certainly the film farthest along in the production process, as it already has its leading man in Jared Leto. It is inevident that the Living Vampire’s solo film is going to face any delays. Hence, it seems entirely possible that the film will be the next film to release after Venom. Sony is also reported to be working on films based on Kraven the Hunter, Silk and Nightwatch.

Jared Leto as Morbius Photo

First Appearance in the Animated Series

Michael Morbius was a brilliant but flawed biologist who was transformed into a gothic member of the rogue gallery of Spider-Man. He first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #101. The character became famous when he was featured in the animated series. The animated series was Spider-Man: The Animated Series and he featured in various episodes. It also had an episode named on the titular character.

Spider-Man: Animated Series

Daniel Espinosa will be directing Morbius, Sony’s Spider-Verse spinoff film. The screenplay will be done by Burk Sharpless and Matt Sazama. The official release date for the movie is not out yet. But the production is expected to start in November this year.

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