Morning Majnu is a short film written and directed by Vivek Mushran. The 7-minute long movie tries to show the current situation which a maid has to go through in many urban cities. The film is released under the banner of Humara movies which has become one of the significant platforms for the thought-provoking and interesting short films. Is Morning Majnu worth your time? Does the movie make you think or not? Let’s find out. (Morning Majnu Review)

Story of Morning Majnu –

Morning Majnu opens with a scene where you see a maid working in a posh apartment in some urban city as man portrayed by Vivek Mushran reads the newspaper. The day is bright and cheerful with the radio playing in the background. As the camera zooms in the perspective becomes clear when we see the man looking at her maid with lust. Soon we witness the ugly side of man when he intentionally spills the tea on the floor so that maid has to spend more time cleaning it and he will be able to satisfy his thirst. The story takes a twist when the radio playing in the background starts narrating the scene and both of them are left dumbstruck. As each moment in the narration is similar to the scene we are witnessing with our eyes. (You can watch the movie by clicking on below video)

The story playing on the radio and its similarity with the current scene depicts that how these kind of scenarios are very common in urban cities nowadays where a well-educated man stoops to such a low level. The film has a very interesting ending that in someway empowers women to take a step against men who harass them before they take some tragic step like rape. (Morning Majnu Review)

Morning Majnu Review

Morning Majnu – Worth Your Time or Not?

The film nicely captures the situation of a maid or home-worker and brings it to life in a simpler and thought-provoking way. The light and powerful ending of the movie will leave a smile on your face and you wish that every woman stands for herself and give a hard-hitting answer to a man who tries to harass her. Vivek Mushran has done an amazing work as a director and actor. The actress who plays maid surely leaves a mark. A must watch.

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