Motorola Patents New Foldable OLED Panel Technology

motorola foldable oled

Foldable OLED Panel to Allow restoring of Deformed Panel

Another company follows the foldable panel suite after Samsung first announced their foldable smartphone, the Galaxy X. Motorola has patented a foldable OLED panel design that fixes the deformities in the screen due to strain.

Motorola has been quite notorious in the field of innovation and experimentation. They introduced Moto Mods for their flagship Moto Z that essentially made it a modular smartphone. They have outdone themselves this time, yet again.

Motorola has patented the technology that allows an OLED panel to be bent and still retain its shape once unbent. The major challenge in developing such a technology is that it is difficult to address the deformities caused due to strain of bending the screen. The tech needed to fix these deformities is usually costly, bulky and impractical for a single user. Not anymore. Motorola has patented an innovative method that automatically removes the irregularities without the need for any external equipment.

motorola foldable oled


How does the foldable OLED panel work?

The process is simple. Once you bend the screen, a folding sensor activates. As you keep the screen bent, the folding sensor keeps track of total folded time. If any deformities in the screen are detected, there is a heating element in the hinge that raises the temperature. The heat resets the strain levels and returns the screen to its original state.

Granted that the deformities aren’t as frequent, but they do develop over the time and may lead to the bad user experience. The heating element and sensors have their separate battery and work even if the phone is turned off.

motorola foldable oled panelThe tech may extend to more than one hinges in a single screen and may lead to a triple folding device. The possibilities, yet again, are endless.

It is fairly easy for a company to go ahead and make a phone with all the popular features crammed into an anorexic device. Rarely do companies take a step forward to revolutionize the world of technology and introduce something nobody knew they needed. Motorola has done the very same, and we hope that the final product to use this tech changes the smartphone game forever.

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