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My Hero Academia Chapter 175 Set Ups New Fight For Izuku

My Hero Academia Chapter 175 has released and it seems like always Izuku will be busying in fighting a villain with his strong Quirk. Its always happen with Izuku that he never get a small break as everytime he got in some trouble situations. Let’s see this time what happens to him.

boku no hero academia chapter 175 Review !!

The chapter 175 is live now and the update is with Izuku as always. In the starting of the chapter after being demoted from his homeroom’s cultural festival project, Izuku spends his time in training with his mentor All Might. He also received new gears from All Might.

After receiving the gears, Izuku was going to get some groceries from the nearby market, before going to the festival. In his way, he encountered two strangers, one is very tall, a coat-covered man with his face covered with face mask and sunglasses.  Another one was very short and was covered from face to toe.

They were revealed as Gentle and Bravo who were introduced at the beginning of this new arc. Then, suddenly Gentle’s youtube origins’ fans start buzzing and calling his name. Izuku had seen some videos of Gentle and Gentle’s voice looked familiar to him. So, he took not much to time figure him out and went to stop both of them as if one alarm goes off, the whole festival will call off.In the end, Izuku is shown the standing front of them having his gears on and not in the mood to let both villains reach UA Academy.Only 1 hour and 28 minutes are left for the class A’ performance and Izuku is about to face off two new villains. Will he able to stop them? Let’s see in next chapter.

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