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My Hero Academia Chapter184 Spoilers- “Hero Billboard Charts”

In My Hero Academia chapter 183, we saw Eri finally released from the Chisaki’s ghost. In the festival, we saw a beauty contest and an act, Midoriya act too seriously. My Hero Academia 183 was a fun-filled episode and marks the end of Culture Festival. We have some My Hero Academia chapter 184 spoilers. So who don’t want get spoiled they shouldn’t read this.

My Hero Academia Chapter 184 Spoilers

The massive spoilers are leaked online on Reddit. All credits go to the YonkouProductions, for sharing some Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 184 Spoilers. So let’s begin what is in that spoilers.

Title– “Hero Billboard Charts JP”

Eir is now released from the Chisaki’s ghost and also get discharged from the hospital. The Hero Academy has taken her as she can’t live in the hospital forever. A good news for her is that her horns are growing again, so she will able to use her quirk very soon.

Pussy Cats pays a visit to students along with Kouta. He meets Deku (Midoriya) and they announced their return. Ragdoll will return as support since she has lost her quirk.

All For One feels regret and said that he can’t return what he has taken. Momo asks them a reason for their returning now and they said it is because of Billboard Charts.

My Hero Academia Chapter 184 Spoilers

My Hero Academia 184 Spoilers

Hero Billboard charts are the list of top heroes that published twice in a year.  Pussycats previously were at 32nd but now at 411.

My Hero Academia 184 Spoilers also shows the top 10 heroes from the hero billboard chart. They are as follows:

10: Ryukyuu

9: Yoroimusha

8: Wash (The laundry hero)

7: Kamui

6: Clust/Karst?

5: Milco

4: Edge Shot

3: Best Jeanist

2: Hawks

1: Endeavor with a new outfit.

Comment your own top 10 list of heroes.

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