My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers, Release Date

My Hero Academia season 3 episode 9 is live now and from here things have become more serious as the mightiest villain ” All For One” made his appearance in the episode. On the other hand, All Might has also reached the hideout to save Bakugo and now real fight will begin. My Hero Academia Season 3 episode 10 spoilers or My Hero Academia Episode 48 Spoilers are already here to give you goosebumps.

According to Yonkou Productions and Audrey’s tweet, here is the official synopsis of My Hero Academia Episode 48.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers

Title- Symbol Of Peace

The greatest evil, All For One wait for the opportunity to strike and the triumphant heroes are suddenly in dilemma! The League Of Villians are retreating, but will they take Bakugo with them too?

Deku and others are stricken with fear and rendered immobile by All For One. However, that person starts rushing towards him! In order to save Bakugo, Deku must come up with a way to go around this!

So, from above My Hero Academia Episode 48 spoilers, you should get a clear idea of the episode. But our work is to provide you full information so, as hinted in a tweet the upcoming episode will follow My Hero Academia Manga chapter 90 and 91. So let’s discuss the summary of My Hero Academia Manga Chapters to have a full synopsis of the upcoming episode. Therefore, those who don’t want to be spoiled anymore, don’t read the post further.

My Hero Academia Episode 48 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10 Spoilers

It is the short summary consist of  My Hero Academia Chapter 90 and 91. According to the manga chapters, the greatest clash in My Hero Academia anime will begin.

One For All vs All For One

In the next episode, All Might will show himself and will attack All For One, but villain will stop him. In the battle, All For One will order league of villains to escape via warp gate. All For One will also try to escape but All Might will stop him and others.

In the battle between two side’s best, league of villains will take Bakugo again and escape but Bakugo will fight them with all he got. Izuku will finally able to move after overcoming the fear of All For One’s presence. Upon seeing Bakugo struggling against many villains, he will plan to rescue Bakugo and will succeed with the help of All Might who will stop All For One to attack them. After seeing their low chances of victory, league of villains will escape after getting injured by Grand Torino. Eldest hero Grand Torino will also badly injure after receiving All Might’s punch when All For One will use him as a shield. This will make All Might angrier.

So this can happen in My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 10. Its release date is 9th June 2018.

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