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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 5 Review – “Grip Of An Iron Fist”

My Hero Academia season 3 episode 5 has been aired today and it was full of action and struggles of our heroes. The training of students is now get converted into real fight situation with the coming of villains. Everyone is giving their best. Let’s see what happened in the episode.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 5 Review

After a small flashback of the last fight between Midoriya and Muscular episode 5 kick off with the villain Shigaraki discussing the plan with kurogiri.

Izuku Midoriya defeated the Muscular man by using One For All 1000,00 percent. He always does his job as a hero in spite taking care of himself. With the injured hands he saves Kota and doesn’t hesitate to battle against such a powerful villain. After saving Kato, he doesn’t take a rest and wants to save Bakugo as he is the primary target of the villains this time.

On the other hand, Eraser encounters with Dabi and lend some blows on him. During the battle, Dabi tells him about their intentions to harm the children of Class A and Class B. He is also good in faking his quirk. Eraser thought that his quirk is fire as he set the fire in the forest but he reveals himself with some quirk that makes him a mud.

Eraser is a man of fulfiling is a responsibility as a mentor or teacher so he runs toward Mandalay to tell the real motive of the attack. In the middle of his way, he meets with Midoriya who is also going to Mandalay.

Midoriya reaches the location where Mandalay and other hero were fighting with two villains to protect pixie-bob. He tells the Mandalay about Kota and informs her to make an announcement through telepathy to all children to protect themselves by engaging in the battle and the villain’s primary target is Bakugo.

Students Are In Action After Announcement

Bakugo always takes things lightly specially said by Midoriya. He always remains in his ego and rushes towards an enemy without thinking. Upon hearing the announcement he rushes towards a villain. But Death Row Convict ( villain ) hits him with the steel coming out from his mouth. Suddenly, Bakuga gets saved by Todoroki but still, Bakugo starts doing things in his own way and shout loud to beat the villain.

Kendo and Tetsutetsu figure out the secret if the gas in the forest. They beat the villain who is spreading the gas only in the forest where all children are.

Midoriya is an open-hearted boy who doesn’t care about the hate of Bakugo for him. In the battle with villain Tokoyami’s dark shadow gets out of control and it almost lands a hit on Midoriya. But Koji saves Midoriya and tells him the situation.

This situation lands the two options in front of Midoriya, one is to save Tokoyami whose quirk is out of control and other is to save Bakugo from the villains. Midoriya never left his friends or anyone dying front of him so in the next episode he will definitely save Tokoyami first.


Like previous episode, Midoriya is worrying about his all friends in spite of his injuries. He wants to save everybody anyhow in the absence of All Might. On the other hand, other students are also helping each other. They show courage and choose the best course of action to defeat some villains. Dabi shows his cleverness to trap the students. Like the previous episode, this episode was full of action. This season slogan is “go beyond !” and everyone is trying to go beyond their current strengths which is  clearly shown in previous and this episode.

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