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My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 6 – “Roaring Upheavel”

In this spring season of anime, My Hero Academia is going more wild with introducing new villains. It is putting all the students into a great test for their strength and our hero Izuku without the help of All Might in its School Trips Arc. Once again, it is here with a new episode. In the last episode, Midoriya runs toward Bakugo to save him but suddenly saved by Shoji from the Tokoyami’s dark shadow. My Hero Academia Season 3 episode 6 starts with the injured Midoriya sitting on the back of Shoji. Let’s see what happens next.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 6

The struggle of the students inside the forest continues as villains are searching for their primary target “Bakugo”. Injured Midoriya is with Shoji and both are hiding from the Tokoyami’s dark shadow. Shoji tells the situation to Midoriya. When Villains attacks Shoji and Tokoyami Shoji’s hands get injured and Tokoyami loses his control over his quirk “Dark Shadow”. Tokoyami’s quirk loses control in the darkness and begins to attack every single movement. On the other hand, due to the forest conditions, Bakugo seems to be attacks and Todoroki is only handling the moonfish. But suddenly, Tokoyami’s dark shadow knockout the Moonfish with a heavy blow. Midoriya recalls his plan with Shoji to bring Tokoyami to Bakugo as light can calm down Dark Shadow. Bakugo and Todoroki calm the Dark Shadow and save Tokoyami. In spite of being injured Midoriya makes a plan with Todororki, Shoji, and Bakugo to go from the middle of the forest to avoid the villains in the path.

Before that Asui and Uraraka fight with the villain Himiko Toga who seems to drink their blood by killing them. After seeing Asui in trouble, Uraraka fights with Toga and hits her with close combat technique that she learned in her internship. Midoriya and his group reach there and tell the situation about Bakugo. But Asui doesn’t see Bakugo with them.

When all look behind them, a villain ” Mr Compress” appears with a magic ball with Bakugo inside it.  Todoroki tries to attack him but he dodges the attack and flies away.

Dabi makes an announcement to all villains to come back for the time. In the forest, Yaoyorozu and Awase get attack by a villain but after the announcement, he spares them and returns. Taking that as advantage Yaoyorozu and Awase stick a button to the villains back.

In order to catch Mr Compress, once again Midoriya makes a plan with Rabbit, Asui and Shoji. Midoriya tells Uraraku to make them float and then Ribbit will throw them in the air. He asks Shoji to correct their Trajectory and when the distance to the Villain will be good Uraraka will release her Quirk. Finally, they knock down Mr Compress in front of Dabi and other Villains.

My Hero Academia Season 3 all about go beyond means surpassing own current strength. It is being perfectly followed in every episode. This episode shows the unbelievable strength of Tokoyami’s Dark Shadow but it is still uncontrollable state. Like always Midoriya never gives on saving his friends. Being injured he helps Tokoyami by executing a plan which also helps them to take down moonfish. Bakugo always hates him but he doesn’t give up on saving him when Mr Compress takes him. Once again, he made a plan to take down Mr. Compress and succeed.

My Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 7 Spoilers

Now another intense situation is in front of the heroes as they landed on the front of Dabi and other two Villains. Midoriya is heavily injured and now all job is up to Todoroki and Shoji to defeat the villains and get Bakugo back from them. Will they succeed?

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