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NA CWL 2k Tournament Winner, Results and Placements

The first NA CWL 2k tournament had more than a few surprises during the two-day event. Many teams backed down from the weekly 2k Tournament due to the CMG ProDown, so the field was less crowded than it could have been. Let’s get into the NA CWL 2k Tournament Winner, Results and Placements.

NA CWL 2k Tournament Winner, Results and Placements

Only two teams, namely FaZe Clan Black and Excelerate Gaming lived up to the hype. But out of these two, only one shone brightly in the tournament. Even though, Excelerate Gaming was the winner of the December 16 Tournament. They defeated FC Black in the Finals. This time they were looking to make it happen twice. But their streak got broke by Project7 in the quarter finals leaving them behind.

On the other hand, FC black was tearing everyone in their way to make it to the finals with a string of dominance victories. Once in the Grand Finals, FC Black still played on the first two maps to put themselves on tournament-point in a hurry. But Project7 didn’t let them win that easily. They won the Control on Frequency quite easily with a 3-1 score.

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FC black made a comeback once the things switched over to Hardpoint on Hacienda where they crushed Project7 with 250-121 to secure the win of their first 2k.

Check out the list of Top 16 Placement for the first 2k Tournament of 2019 below:

Place Pro Points Cash Prize Team Roster
 1 2,000 $2,000 FaZe Clan Black Asim, GRVTY, Mosh, Phantomz, Tisch
 2 1,200 $500 Project7 Atura, Evasion, Hollow, Cells, Vivid
 3-4 800 Mazer Gaming Destiny, Vicious, Newbz, Wreckz, SupremeAgility
F6 2019 Miyagi, Hazykun, iBuLieVe, Jintroid, Stumpfy
 5-8 600 Excelerate Gaming Beehzy, FA5TBALLA, MRuiz, Believe, ProFeeZy
Midnight Esports Envoy, LlamaGod, Parzelion, Brack, JetLi
Rose Esports GloFrosty, Fatal, Mujaydin, Decizionz, Return
Orlando Reapers Legal, TwiZz, TurnUp2eZ, Happy, MiRx
9-16 400 Hybrid Gaming HumanJesus, JuJu, KlinK, Hate, Willett
Sweat+co Ramey, Fatal, Jump, Sweat, TbeJdub
Astropolis AustinCruelty, Instinctzyx, Mouserrrr, StlOutlaw, StuNNaGOAT
TheGoochGobblers Bullseye, Diamondcon, Holler, Nelson, Remy
Nation of Power Slater, Mizuno, Reign6, RobbieB3319, Zinx
Nemesis Esports akaMAGIK, AssassinXJXK, Camila2RCabello, RWPhoenix, zNegg
Disrupt Gaming Eleivate, Hitmxn, Johnny, Neod, Stamino
3Kingz Gaming Delusions, KKyzer7, Prophet, rayvn211, MaGics

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Credits: Sachin Singh

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