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Mars 2020, NASA new rover with 23 cameras will explore Mars

NASA(AMERICAN NATIONAL AEROSPACE AGENCY) is going to release it’s next rover to explore and research on Mars surface and atmosphere. The rover has been named “Mars 2020”. It will be equipped with 23 cameras for better understanding and knowledge of Mars environment.

The cameras equipped with rover has different usability and varied functions. The cameras can take panoramic photos, better clearing of obstacles, studying the environment and help in exploration of mars surface. This will allow you to take panoramas, avoid obstacles, study the atmosphere, and help other scientific instruments. One camera of Mars 2020 has been installed inside the rover to examine the collected samples

The manufacturer of the rover is Jet propulsion laboratory. The event has been planned to launch on rocket Atlas V 541 in July 2020. This mission will cost around US$2.1 billion.

Mars 2020

Scientific instruments that will be equipped in Mars 2020 are mentioned below

1) Planetary Instrument for X-Ray Lithochemistry  – To determine molecular composition of Mars Surface materials.

2) Radar Imager for Mars’ subsurface experiment– To image  different rock structures and structural layers of Mars surface.

3)Mars Environmental Dynamic Analyzer – It has sensors to analyze wind speed, temperature, relative humidity and pressure.

4) The Mars Oxygen ISRU Experiment(MOXIE) is the technology which will produce oxygen from Martian atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2)

5) SuperCam, will provide imaging, chemical composition analysis and mineralogy in rocks from distance.

6)Mastcam-Z, an imaging system with the ability to zoom.

7)Scanning Habitable Environments with Raman and Luminescence for Organics and Chemicals (SHERLOC), an ultraviolet Raman spectrometer that utilizes precise imaging and (UV) laser to determine mineralogy and detect organic compounds.

8) Mars Helicopter Scout (MHS) is a drone which will help locate targets for study and plan the best driving route for any particular sub-mission.

Mars 2020Mars 2020  bears more cameras than any of it’s predecessors.

This increment  will affect not only the quantity, but also the quality of imaging. These cameras has support for  3D-images in high resolution, improved resolution, viewing angles.


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