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NBA 2K19 update 1.02 patch notes fixes lingering issues with game

The new update for NBA 2K19 has been released for all the platforms. The update 1.02 has been released on Thursday in order to fix the issues which were observed after the launch of the game

NBA 2K19 is looking phenomenal in its gameplay and graphics of the game are also truly stunning in all respects

The patch which has been released for the game is really minor

NBA 2K19 update 1.02 patch notes

NBA 2K19 1.02 Patch Notes

The newly released patch has addressed the issues mentioned below

Improved framerate when playing on an Xbox One X in 4K resolution with HDR enabled.
Fixed an issue where some users were reporting that save loading was getting stuck at 100 percent when attempting to load into the Neighborhood.
Fixed the zero-minute VC Glitch.

In regards to the gameplay, the game physics of the NBA 2K19 is really amazing.

The gameplay has increased difficulty now with the defensive feature of the game has been significantly improved. Many players finding it bit difficult to cop up with its powerful defensive feature

NBA 2K19 is now available for play on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Let us know in the comments section, Have you installed the new update for the game and did you faced any glitches of these sorts or any other types. We suggest you to keep checking the Reddit community for the game, as this patch details were firstly shared on Reddit, even before its official release


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