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Netflix 15th August Review : Decent Acting but boring movie

We all are waiting for Netflix Sacred Games Season 2, but apart from this popular series, the company has released a sweet romantic movie called 15th August.

The movie has a tone of simplicity in it, and one can feel it while watching the movie. It covers the story of Gandhi Chawl where everyone is preparing for the Independence Day flag ceremony. We get to see a variety of character types living in this chawl and also a love story of a young couple.

Raju and Jui who are in love with each other, but their parents do not support their relationship because Raju is a struggling painter and jobless.

Meanwhile, Jui parents invite an NRI guy and his parents to their home in a prospect of marriage with Jui. But Chawl people find themselves in a zany position when they come to know that the hand of a little boy has got stuck in a pipe on the road.

Netflix 15th August

Everyone in the chawl tries to aid the little boy to get him out of this bizarre situation.

Netflix 15th August

In some parts, I find the movie a little boring and hard to watch. Also, the dialogues are not strong enough. In terms of acting, Mrunmayee Deshpande as Jui and Rahul Pethe as Raju have done a decent job.

The movie was too plain to watch, and even the love story of Jui and Raju can’t hold it up to the mark.

The movie was produced under Madhuri Dixit Production House, and coming from such a big industry name, I expected a better script.


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