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Netflix Bird Box 2 is possible, here’s why? Bird Box Monsters Look, Ending Explained

Sandra Bullock has done a marvelous job in the Netflix movie Bird Box. The movie has a became a major hit for the Netflix “as they claimed 45 million viewership worldwide in the first seven days of its release and these numbers are also supported by Nielsen ratings.

Bird Box which has been set up in a post-apocalyptic time where humans start doing unusual things and even kill themselves under the influence of mysterious supernatural monsters/creatures. But it will only happen if anyone looks the monster with the naked eye and in order to protect oneself or survive, one should stay blindfold. The movie is based on a popular novel “Bird Box” by writer and singer Josh Malerman.

The story revolves around a woman named Malorie, who is trying to save herself and two four-year-old children from these unknown monsters. After facing every adversary and travelling down the river for 48 hours now she has finally reached to Rick, where she discovers blind people living like a community in a small space.

Netflix Birdbox 2

Now, the ending of Bird Box leaves us with lots of curiousness and it differs from the original novel in few parts.

Netflix Bird Box Monsters Look & Ending Explained

One thing that we have learned about these monsters is their ability to read person minds, and they can whisper the voices of a person to which the victim is most vulnerable, as, in the end rush, these monsters became the voice of the Trevante Rhodes’ Tom, to make Malorie open the blindfold and take a look at them.

Another interesting fact which can be observed here is that Gary behaved like a normal person and managed to enter the house where everyone has taken the safe zone. But he was influenced by these monsters and was able to hide it and after a while he started forcing others to look outside and see these monsters, and also called “it’s beautiful you should see them” and similar line we heard from the guy in the river who was trying to force Malorie to remove the blindfold.

Birdbox Monsters

The look of these monsters has been teased by Gary art in his drawings, which we think has been done purposefully by the director to give us an indication of all the possible look of these monsters.

Well, no one certainly knows, whether these monsters are demons, ghosts, aliens or some sort of hallucination.

But one thing is clear, that they can read the minds, manipulate the victims and get inside their body as we have seen during the Gary part of the movie.

According to the novel, Tom does not have a major role as we have seen in the movie and also the people at the Rick place has intentionally blinded themselves to protect themselves from these monsters.

Netflix Bird Box 2 is possible, here’s why?

Now this leaves us at the edge, thinking what will happen next?

Well, marking the huge success of Bird Box movie, we are likely to see its sequel as a lot of things are still unexplained at the end.

1) How these monsters actually look like?

2) What will happen to the human world, Is there any cure for this?

3) Is there any potential way to defeat these monsters?

4) Is Rick under the force of these monsters or not, as during the call he said: “you have to see them clearly, one has to see it”.

With all these questions left unanswered and huge success of Bird Box, will surely tempt the Netflix to approve its sequel pretty soon.


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