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Netflix Took Promotion of ‘Altered Carbon’ to Another Level at CES

Netflix is Promoting Upcoming Series ‘Altered Carbon’ In a Wierd Way At CES 2018

Netflix took the marketing to just another level when they set up the booth at CES 2018 to promote their upcoming series Altered Carbon. You might be thinking they must have used VR technology or some other tech to grab the attention of the audience.


Here at this point, you are completely wrong as you go to CES there is somewhere a booth hidden by the name of company Psychasec which is offering you immortality. Two human bodies are being kept in the vacuum chamber which is ready to become your new vessel.

The whole booth is dedicated to the concept on which series is based as you see bodies on display and as they are presenting Psychasec’s “sleeve” products at CES in the exhibition area. A ‘sleeve’ in the Altered Carbon universe is a spare body to which you can transfer your consciousness and can live forever. The booth surely gives chills to the audience as young guides dressed in all white are trying to tell you about the product of the company without providing any hint of it being fake. To everyone present there, it looks like some company displaying their latest tech which talks about immortality at the world’s most prominent tech summit.


The people who went to their booth were amazed as when you are near the end of walk Psychasec sales pitch recommends you an aftercare gel for the sleeve you have purchased. However, the gel is just a moisturizer and is one of the coolest freebies from the CES from a creepy booth.

Netflix’s Altered Carbon

Altered Carbon is a series whose story takes place in the distant future where human consciousness can be transferred to the new body, and you can live forever. The trailer for drama-thriller series was revealed sometime at the end of last year and gave viewers of Netflix to look forward to something in the year 2018. The series is based on the book by the same name written by Richard K. Morgan.

The series will be available on February 2nd, and Netflix has chosen just a fantastic idea to market the show at CES. As most of the viewers of streaming giants are youngsters or people, who are interested in the tech. So they just found the right place to tell the people about their upcoming series. Many marketing graduates or other streaming giants can learn from this exceptional campaign by Netflix. As they not only promoted their forthcoming series but also gave people experience to remember and made them advocate for the series.

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