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Netflix faces $25 million lawsuit by Chooseco, for trademark infringement over Black Mirror Bandersnatch

Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, has received great success among the audience, but its success has been tainted with a trademark infringement complaint from the company Chooseco. Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is based on a book “Choose Your Own Adventure”.

Chooseco holds the publishing rights for “Choose Your Own Adventure” series of books and has filed a lawsuit against Netflix for $25 million or profits from the Bandersnatch, whichever is higher, and it has been firstly reported by “The Hollywood Reporter”

Black Mirror Bandersnatch
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Chooseco has mentioned that Netflix tried to get the license to make an interactive content based on these books, but did not get it any actual license after years of negotiations. Also, they have sent a written request to Netflix to cease its launch, before its official release.

Chooseco alleges that Netflix is making a profit by associating with its brand “Choose Your Own Adventure”, also the same has been talked out by the show lead character “Stefan Butler”, where he is talking about a video game which he wants to develop. In his conversation with his father, he explains to him that the video game is based on a fictional book. His father responds the author must be good because his son is constantly “flicking backwards and forwards”. Butler responds back, “No, it is a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ Book.

Chooseco has claimed infringement, dilution and unfair competition, and demanding $25 million in damages or Netflix’s profit from this show, whichever is higher.

Netflix has not made any official statement or comment over this matter yet.


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