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Netflix India teases “The Rain” quest for new world ; by Danish directors

Netflix India has teased a new series for Spring 2018 ” The Rain “, it is a Danish original series based on biological catastrophe.

The series has been written by Jannik Tai Mosholt and will be produced by Christian Potalivo and Miso Film . The Rain will be directed by popular Danish Directors Kenneth Kainz and Natasha Arthy. The cast of the tv series include Mikkel Boe Boe Folsggard ( A Royal Affair), Alba August ( Below the Surface ), Lucas Lynggard (Tidsrejsen) & Lars Simonsen ( The Bridge )

“The Rain” series has been setup in the lands of Sweden, Denmark and Scandinavia. The series plot showcase annihilation of almost all humans in Scandinavia, after a very dangerous virus attack, which might be the result of some horrific scientific experiment. Two siblings who survived this disaster along with few other people will set an adventure to survive and quest for new world. They all have cling to a hope, that sibling’s father has answers to this problem. In their journey for the search of safer place & world, the group of young people will come across various emotions of love, envy and problems related to post apocalyptic world.

The writer Jannik Tai Mosholt stated that ” Civilization is very fickle”. From the Jurassic era to the present world, it has always been about survival. The humans as the most intelligent race, has been able to adapt and survive in the best way among all the others species. It will be very interesting to see, How do we survive? , when suddenly the civilized and sophisticated world we know meets an end. Do we freak out and go back to be animals or light up the humanity under this major calamity

Netflix The Rain

The fifty seconds teaser of “The Rain” demonstrates the two siblings in some kind of lab facility. One of the sibling is getting out of the lab wearing a safety suit and finds the whole world in a disastrous way with the buses tumbled onto the road. The two of them join the group of young people in their expedition to locate the new and safe world. It teases four words “Stay Dry Stay Alive” which leaves us to wait for an intriguing series coming in Spring 2018


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