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Netflix Mute shows us futuristic Berlin from Duncan Jones eyes

Netflix is raising the bar of content with it’s original series and movies. It’s newest addition to the stack of Netflix original movies is Mute which has been directed by Duncan Jones. He stated that he planned for the Mute before his debut film Moon starring Sam RockWell. After that years went and Mute was pushed back and he went on directing popular movies like Source Code and Warcraft. The script for the movie has been written by Jones and Michael Robert

Netflix Mute

The story line for Mute has been setup in the year 2052 in the neon lit streets of Berlin where Leo (Alexander Skarsgard) is a mute bartender who runs a quest for his girlfriend Naadirah played by beautiful Seyneb Saleh. Leo lost his speaking ability due to some childhood accident. The trailer for the film starts with Leo protecting his girlfriend who is being harassed by the customers at the bar. After that instance, his girlfriend tells him that she loves him but “you don’t know me”. When his girlfriend disappear suddenly, he runs an exploration in order to locate her and confront two surgeons several times named Cactus Jack (Paul Rudd) and Duck Teddington ( Justin Theroux) and team up with them in a probe to find his girlfriend in the dark ends of the city

It also shelves us into some deep and intriguing mystery where in a frame from the trailer depicts that “your girlfriend has secrets. So, one can formulate from the trailer that something is going is on which is covered under several layers of lies and words which are not spoken yet.

The streaming of sci-fi Mute will begin on Netflix from 23rd February


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