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Netflix’s Plan and Upcoming Series In India 2018

Netflix’s Plan for the year 2018!!

Its been almost two years when worldwide favorite streaming giant Netflix entered the Indian market. A lot has happened in these two years as whole India got connected to the internet with the advent of Reliance Jio which made substantial amount data available to people to use it to browse and stream. With this other service providers slashed their prices and we all benefited from that.

However not much has changed for Netflix in India, as their viewership in India is still 5-6% that’s quite less as the target audience is more than 100 million households. Thus, a question may arise in your mind what went wrong for Netflix in India and how are they going to correct it?

Reasons behind Netflix’s lackluster performance in India

Netflix spends several billion dollars each year on creating original content but how they are still lagging behind Amazon Prime Videos who came almost ten months after them. There are two reasons behind it first one is the ‘affordability factor’ of the media as we Indians have a habit of getting tv entertainment almost for free. Suddenly someone arrives and asks for a considerable subscription fee for even the good content, the first reaction is we deny it. As most of Netflix’s target audience is from middle-class families and they can’t spend this much. And here Amazon Prime Videos got it right on point as they gave a year of service at just 999 only along with their prime membership. This made it a feel like the deal of the century to discount loving Indians.


Now coming to the second reason, it is the lack of reliable local original content as in case of Prime Videos they got themselves hit series based on cricket Inside Edge. Netflix didn’t produce any remarkable series whereas it gave us ridiculous series starring Russel Peters in the lead role.

Upcoming Indian Series on Netflix in the year 2018

Now, they have to learn from the mistakes they have committed in last two years by producing content that just amazes us as we Indian’s will pay if we like it. This year Netflix plans to spend almost 7 billion dollars worldwide. In India it looks like they will make a comeback as in 2018, we will see political thriller based on the book Bard of Blood produced by none other Shahrukh Khan’s production house Red Chilli Entertainment. It will not only add to the lineup of good local content but will also make Netflix a household name because of the presence of King Khan.


Other upcoming series to look out for Netflix that can make it or break it include names like Saif Ali Khan Starrer Sacred Games, Selection Day, Again, Mighty Little Bheem(first kids show) and Love Per Square Foot(feature film). However, the road to success will not be that easy for Netflix as Prime videos are also ready with their arsenal. Prime Videos will soon premier action-thriller series starring R Madhavan in the lead role. Also, the list of competition for it is increasing which includes streaming services like Hotstar, Voot and now Jio launching its own original content.

They can also take benefit of collaboration with upcoming channel Discovery Jeet which just signed a deal with them to air their original content on Netflix. Along with that in the recent conversation with Gadget 360 Vice President, Communications – Asia, Netflix, Jessica Lee says “We ultimately look for talented storytellers with a strong track record who have stories they are passionate about telling – these voices can come from anywhere. We’re thrilled that our journey in India has begun in this area and look forward to working with great content creators here to help their work find audiences in India and around the world,”

It will be thrilling and exhilarating to see the fight among these giants as no matter what happens we are in for a fantastic ride.

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