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How to stream Netflix on Xbox or PlayStation : Step-by-Step

Netflix has a deep settled position in the entertainment industry and the main reason is not only the number of TV shows, but also the number of audience it has reached, due to ease of streaming in various device. Streaming in a big screen is fun, and it can be done on gaming consoles also, if you don’t own a Smart TV. So, here we will be telling you,

How to stream Netflix on your PlayStation and Xbox.

Consoles supported for streaming-
―Xbox One            ― PlayStation 3
―Xbox 360              ―PlayStation 4
―Xbox One X

STEP 0 :-

First of all, you need register a account on Netflix. In order to escape any inconvenience, make sure to register account before following step 1. For this visit to official website, and Read our Tutorial

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STEP 1 :-

If you want to stream shows on a bigger screen, on a TV, then you need to connect your laptop to your TV or a Smart TV will work or you need a streaming device like Chromecast. But one more option is streaming Netflix with gaming console, like PlayStation or Xbox. For this firstly, you need to couple your console with the Wi-Fi, for this go to the network setting on your Xbox or PlayStation and select your Wi-Fi connection.

PlayStore – Network settings

Xbox, Network setting

STEP 2:-

After coupling the Wi-Fi with your Xbox or PlayStation. Next step is to open the smart apps on your TV. After this you need to search/ the Netflix app.

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On PlayStation– For PlayStation consoles, the Netflix app can be found in “TV/Video Services” or “TV &Video” section of the main menu. In the case it’s not pre-installed or has been removed, it can be simply downloaded from the PlayStation store.

Netflix App – PlayStation Store

On Xbox- For Xbox consoles, the Netflix app is not pre-installed and you will need to download the application. For this simply go to the “Apps” section and download the app.

Netflix App – XBox App store

STEP 3:-

Browse the apps and open Netflix app. You need to enter your account details, for which you followed Step 0. After you’ve done that, you are all set to stream you favourite TV series and movies on your TV using your Xbox or PlayStation.

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