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Netflix’s The Mechanism Revolves Around Massive Corruption Schemes

The Mechanism a new series from Narcos creator!!

A few days back Netflix released the trailer for upcoming series titled ‘Dirty Money’ trying to capture the six significant corruption cases of our times. The series will focus on the case from VW’s diesel gate to HSBC’s corruption case. However, it will be documentary series based on the hard facts without any action included in it. No need to worry, all those who want some action-filled drama based on corruption Netflix has got that covered with series titled ‘ The Mechanism.’

The Mechanism will be a fictional drama series loosely inspired by the investigation of alleged corruption in private and state oil and construction companies in Brazil. It is a South American series and will explore how investigators came across the inner workings of a massive corruption scheme and the impact of it on their lives and their loved ones.

Apart from the action and thrilling plot the thing that makes it one of the anticipated series of this season is the person who is at the helm. He is none other than Director José Padilha, known for his astounding work on Narcos. His earlier experience of directing a nail-biting drama series will surely help in making this another masterpiece.

The trailer of Mechanism gives you the glimpse of corruption and the planning that went behind it. It sets your pulse racing, and you want to see more of it as the trailer progresses. However, we will only able to tell on March 23 whether trailer justifies the drama series when it airs worldwide.


There is one thing if the series is a good one, the whole world will talk about it and if its bad it will just go under the radar of everyone. And nobody will give a damn about it as the catalog of Netflix is only increasing at a tremendous pace. On a daily basis, they are just churning out new original series, and we are sure the day will never come when we can say we have seen it all. So, till then just relax and keep reading for latest updates as we will help you in choosing the series worthy of your precious time.

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