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Netflix Uses Machine Learning to Customize the Artworks for Every User

Netflix Uses Machine Learning Algorithms

Ever wondered while scrolling through the list of recommendations on your Netflix account. It may seem like they are just presenting you with their most popular series at that moment. However behind all that Netflix runs algorithms to suggest you essential shows. With thousands of titles in its database, it’s not some magic trick which shows different recommendation to each of the million users having Netflix account. But that is only the tip of an iceberg to recommend you shows. How to make you watch them? How to convince you that, it is a great show and you will like it?


There comes another great idea into play. Netflix makes you do all that by altering the artwork of each title. Yes, it goes that deep, you would have never thought of artwork being that important to a series or movie. We know that it helps in promotion and igniting an interest, but in hindsight, it is making you choose whether to watch it or not. So for each of the Netflix’s title, they keep various versions of artworks and present you the one that compels you subconsciously to click on it and binge watch it.

Based on the data accumulated on your viewing history it will choose the artwork which has, for example, a have a face of the familiar actor, contains a dramatic scene that conveys the essence of a movie or TV show. Now let’s take an example of stranger things series which is most loved and watched on the platform. The same series has around nine different of artwork each trying to make the new user click on it by depicting different perspective.


To give you more clear picture how it works let’s consider this where different members have different viewing histories. On the left is the titles most watched by a particular user in the past. And right side depicts the artwork of recommendation which he will get.

Let say Netflix wants to recommend you Good Will Hunting. Now they personalize it by analyzing your watching history. If you have watched, say good number romantic movies so they will show artwork containing Matt Damon and Minnie Driver in a romantic scenario. Whereas if you love comedy movies and has watched a bunch of them, then the artwork will depict Robbie Williams, a well-known comedian under recommendations section.


This all is not done manually but by using sophisticated machine learning algorithms. The process of generating perfect artwork is still not easy as Netflix faces various challenges in building the algorithm and making each of your viewing experience a perfect one. The chosen artwork also may work or not and that depends on the data they use for analyzing all this. Let’s just say many factors are involved in presenting you even the tiniest detail on the platform.

Thanks to all those brainiacs who have established such a robust platform so that we can Netflix and chill. And hope you think about the tech which is working behind the curtains whenever you watch Netflix.

If you want to read more in detail about the technology that goes behind the artwork go to page- Artwork Personalization at Netflix



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