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New Apex Legends Character Wattson ability leaked by data miners

Apex Legends Season 1 is yet to commence and the game developer Respawn Entertainment has already promised a lot of content for the game in the coming time.

But data miners are busy digging deep into the files to reveal out upcoming content. Earlier, we have shared the details of the previously leaked Apex Legends character Octane. Now a new Apex Legends character ‘Wattson’ details are leaked by the data miners.

At the moment, a very small amount of information is available on this new character.

But data miners have been successful to reveal out one of his abilities, which is similar to Caustic’s Toxic Trapper. But Wattson ability Tesla Coil will allow the players to electrocute players inside the trap.

Apex Legends New Character-1

Twitter handle of ApexLeaksNews has suggested that ‘callouts’ for the character in the process of adding to the game files.

Apex Leaks News

There is no concrete information on when this new Apex Legends player will be made available to the players. However, it is expected that this new Apex Legends character is about to add with the commencement of Season 1 of Apex Legends.

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