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New Apex Legends character Wattson – All You Need To Know

Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends became one of the famous battle royale game in no time. Other than high-end graphics, the thing which played a vital role in its popularity is the exciting roster of character. Players can choose a character and use their unique ability strategically. Apex Legends introduced new weapons and character skins with the launch of Season 1 Battle Pass. But fans are waiting eagerly for the launch of new characters. For all the fans out there we have an intel, which suggests the launch of a new Apex Legends character.

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According to the leaked information, Respawn will introduce a new legend to the game very soon named, Wattson. The leak seems legit as some data miners also talked about the details of a new character in the Apex Legends. If details provided by data miners are correct, then the new legend is going to look amazing.

We have concluded the details leaked online and here’s what we know about the new legend Wattson in Apex Legends.

Talking about the new character, Wattson is one of the legends with some deep backstories which allows him to use some special powers and abilities. You can check out the image leaked, which can be the image of the new legend, Wattson. Here, a lot of things can be observed, and one highlight is the lightning bolt symbol.

Apex Legends character Wattson

The name Wattson and the lighting bolt symbol suggests that Wattson got the ability related to electricity, like the thundershock for attacking, or some defending and supporting ability like stunning the enemy. Again we are just making a guess; we are not sure about it.

Leaks also suggest that the new character will have an electrical trap called ‘Tesla Trap’ at its disposal which will act like the Toxic Trapper, used by an Apex Legends’ character Caustic.

Apex Legends character Wattson

So, when is it coming out? Talking about the launch of the new Apex Legends character, we are not sure about it. But again, we can make a guess. Respawn added the first character in the roster on the launch of Season 1 Battle Pass recently. We are assuming that Wattson will make its debut in the game with Season 2, which is expected to launch in June, about two months later.

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