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New Apex Legends glitch allows players to shoot through closed doors

A new Apex Legends glitch has become a hot topic within a day which allows players to shoot through the closed doors.

Experience a new glitch has become a normal thing for players as the game is already suffering from a lot of critical glitches and bugs since the release. Released in February, the game had gained massive popularity, but in short span glitches and lack of content turned the game into stagnant phase.

On June 14 Respawn provided an update on the number of glitches they are working to fix when Season 2 will release including a number of issues regarding lag and connection. However, this glitch didn’t happen because of a lag or connection issues as the red indicator was not blinking in the game.

new Apex Legends Glitch

A clip shared by Reddit user BoringLastWords highlights how the glitch works. The player was in the north of the Cascades where he challenged an enemy squad who had knocked his two teammates. When he knocked out one member of the opponent squad, he pushed toward the elevated bunker to stop the revive.

Guess I’ll go fuck myself… from apexlegends

But, when he retreated and shut the doors to heal and reload, the enemy fired his Peacekeeper right through the doors and finished him. He was clearly in covers behind the doors.

Some responses suggested that all this happened because of a poor connection and that the doors were not shut on the enemy screen.

Apex Legends uses a red indicator in the top right corner of the screen whenever the internet connection is poor, and it was not indicating on player’s screen, which clearly indicates another frustrating bug. Other players reported about the similar bug they had experienced.

As Apex Legends Season 2 is approaching, Respawn will be hoping to fix this plague of glitches in the game.

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