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New Apex Legends leak suggests that a Portable Respawn Beacon is coming soon

Amid Apex Legends season 1, Respawn Entertainment discovered an innovative way to revive the dead teammates by collecting their death card.

Since the introduction of the feature, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t touched the system, but it looks like that they could bring a change in reviving system very soon.

Portable Respawn Beacon

A leaked sound file makes it sound like a Portable Respawn Beacon is on its way to the game.

Found a portable respawn beacon here,” and “I’m deploying a portable respawn beacon,” are the voice lines which makes it interesting.

At this time it is just a leak as Respawn Entertainment hasn’t made any official statement regarding it so you should take it as a grain of salt. If this leak proved to be right, then it could be a game-changing move as you will be able to revive your teammate where you want.

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