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New Black Ops 4 Blackout mode “Ambush is On”, revealed by Call of Duty App

Call of Duty Companion app has revealed out the details about the upcoming mode for the Blackout.

The upcoming mode for the game has been named as “Ambush Is On“, and interestingly it will only feature the Sniper rifles and melee weapons. In addition to this, it will feature more effective use of Skulker and Dead Silence with limited weapons available.

The description of the “Ambush Is On” mode states that the Outlander perk will be useful, and once the circle starts collapsing, the circle will not stop until it fully closes.

New Black Ops 4 Blackout mode

It is still unclear when this mode will get live, but it can be expected that it will only get live after the conclusion of the recently released mode “Down But Not Out”

All new LTM for Blackout, “Down But Not Out”, which is currently live for PS4 owners, but it will be available for Xbox One and PC from 23rd January.

More details on Down But Not Out LTM can be read below


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