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“My New Game Is In Under Climax” Says Devil May Cry Director

From few past months, a new game in Devil May Cry is heavily rumored to be in development. Devil May Cry series director Hideaki Itsuno took to Twitter to wish Happy New Year. He also apologized for not announcing a new project in 2017. But he also said that his new project is in the climax and sounds pretty interesting.

Devil May Cry

In November some spoilers regarding Devil May Cry 5 were leaked by Resetera. According to leaks the game is almost completed and ready for release.  If the leaks are true then the game would possibly will Devil May Cry 5. Maybe he is working on other game. It is assured that he is working on something new. He said he’d like to announce in 2017 he didn’t and apologized to show nothing at then at E3, at TGS but he didn’t.

Now it’s possible that we will see new game’s announcement on or before E3 2018. Whether it is Devil May Cry 5, Dragon’s Droma sequel or something new,  Itsuno’s fans are eagerly waiting for the new game.

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