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New Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer shows adult Gohan

Dragon Ball FighterZ shows adult Gohan in a newly launched trailer. The gaming is making is a way to the biggest hit in the fighting game industry very fastly. Every month we heard about its new trailer or characters details. Bandai Namco has released the new trailer for the game about one of the recently announced three characters. This time it is Adult Gohan. Finally, fans will see the Adult Gohan in action. For sure Bandai Namco is doing its all things in its possibilities for making the game best.

Last time we saw the trailer of the Kid Buu. This time it’s for the Gohan. The trailer shows the great offensive moves of the Adult Ghan. It shows the Gohan’s mid-air moves, his majestic form and the legendary move “Kamehameha” against the evil Kid Buu.

The game has currently now 21 playable characters and will be more interesting. It will release on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 26 January 2018.

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