Friday, August 12, 2022
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New Fortnite Skin Leaked on Fortnite Official Instagram Story

Well, it seems like Data miners were not enough as Epic Games have themselves leaked out the upcoming Holiday Skin

As the Holiday Season is currently underway, Epic Games are releasing new Holiday themed skins every other day

But today Epic Games mistakenly uploaded upcoming holiday skin on its official Instagram story

The new upcoming skin looks like blue-skinned winter elf wearing esque sweater dress with fluff balls hanging from its winter hat

New Fortnite Skin

New Fortnite Skin

Well, no elf is complete without its pair of glasses, as she sports square framed glasses. The character also has four icy blue wings which make her look like an elf angel

This new fortnite skin is expected to be seen in the item shop soon, which can be around New Year or it could be part of the next update for the game

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