New Guided missile is coming back to Fortnite on July 27

Fortnite Birthday anniversary update has been phenomenal and it brought novelty of changes to the game. We have also observed an addition of new SMG and two new locations in the season 5 map which includes Paradise Palms and lazy links. Epic games has done a great job of providing new content to users with each update and keep their interest in the game. The developers are now creating the weapons and items for Fortnite, in such a way that its World Cup that will hold next year should become an overall success both within the gaming community and commercially.

Now, one of the most controversial weapons is making its way back to Fortnite Battle Royale Game. Yes, you have guessed it right, it is Guided Missile. When the guided missile was last added to the game, it created a lot of spur in gamers and the gaming community. As this advance weapon provided too much power to professional gamers. This new guided missile will be included in the dev weekly update for Fortnite. There have been slight changes in the characteristics of this weapon.

New Guided missile

New Guided missile

All the changed which will be incorporated in this new guided missile has been mentioned below.

New Guided missile Characteristics 

  • Reduced movement speed
  • Reduced turning radius
  • Reduced damage and damage radius
  • Ammo cap of 12 in Default Modes
  • Improved movement control for mouse & keyboard.

Let us know in the comments section your thoughts and concerns about the inclusion of this new guided missile to the Fortnite Battle Royale Game.

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