Wednesday, August 10, 2022
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New Havoc weapon is live in the Apex Legends Game

The first new Apex Legends Weapon has gone live for the game. Apex Legends is currently ruling the Twitch and the game is becoming immensely popular among the gaming community. Rnow livewn Entertainment has already shared the complete one-year roadmap for the game.

The Apex Legends Season 1 is yet to start and the developers have promised a lot of content for the game. Coming through various leaks earlier, now the new weapon ‘Havoc’ is live in the game.

The Havoc features two firing modes – an automatic mode with 672 rounds per minute and a ‘Hitscan beam’ with 102 rounds per minute.

Havoc Rifle Apex Legends

The new weapon is also compatible with the Selectfire Reciever and Turbocharger Hop-ups.



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