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New Item Bottle Rockets coming in Fortnite next update

Epic Games are going to introduce a new item in the upcoming update of the Fortnite Game. The new item ‘Bottle Rockets’ which will be part of the next update teased in an in-game newsfeed.

This new item description states “Loud, bright and dangerous! Warning: do not light indoors.”

There is no further information on this item suggesting what kind of ammo will be required for it.

Although Bottle Rockets are a new item for the Fortnite Battle Royale Mode, they were featured in the Save the World mode. But that version of rockets had rugged look.

Epic Games Battle Rockets

The Battle Royale version of Bottle Rockets looks pretty colourful. It looks more like fireworks than a weapon for the game.

In the upcoming update, we will also see many enhancements and bug fixes which will improve the game further.

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