New Limited Time Mode In Fortnite Are Coming Very Soon

Fortnite Limited Time Mode

Content Update 4.4 has been released today which introduced a new Limited Time Mode in Fortnite. With the release of the update 4.4, Data Miners found many interesting things in the game’s file. They found two limited time mode called “Tactics Showdown” and “Ground Game” in the game files.

Epic Games always release a new limited time mode in the game to give players a different type of gameplay than the standard one. This is one f the reason behind the Fortnite Battle Royal’s success.

New Limited Time Mode In Fortnite

According to the Reddit user nehpets1999  , the description of the “Tactics Showdown” mode is:

“This mode encourages tactical combat and building by putting a sap on the number of resources and ammunition players can carry. Player-built structures also start off with less health than normal, and when players are eliminated they will drop fewer resources than normal.”

Another mode called as  “Ground Game” has the following description:

“In Ground Game, the focus is on fighting smart – Spray & Pray and Build Spamming isn’t an option here. Fewer building materials can be carried and max ammo count is limited, so use the natural cover that the map provides and make every shot count!”

Fortnite New Limited Time Mode

Along with the new limited time mode in the game, it looks like Epic Game will reduce the ammunition, health and building material to make the game more competitive and strategic. In the content update 4.4, Epic Games has already reduced the number of rocket ammo carried by one person.

However, Epic Game doesn’t confirm this news and the game files could be changed in coming time.

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