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New MacBook Pro Leaks Surface, Apple to use Coffee Lake CPUs

A new MacBook Pro was found listed on Geekbench with Intel Coffee Lake hardware. The scores are impressive and resemble that of a mobile Coffee Lake i7. The new MacBook Pro with Coffee Lake will be one of the biggest CPU upgrades a new MacBook Pro has ever seen.

What’s the deal with MacBook Pro?

Apple has only 3 lineups of laptops, the MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. Out of the three, as the name suggests, MacBook Pro is the most premium. Apple tends to decorate the notebook with impressive hardware. Last year, when apple refreshed the MacBook lineup, they switched to 7th Gen Intel Kaby Lake processors. They also released a 13 inch model of the MacBook Pro.

Problems With Kaby Lake

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The problem with Kaby Lake architecture is that most of its mobile CPUs have only two cores. Only the high powered (HQ) series had quad core chips, but they consumed higher power and thin and light laptops like the MacBook Pro avoided them. Apple did release a MacBook Pro 15 version with a quad-core Kaby Lake i7, but that was way more expensive and wasn’t very efficient.

Kaby Lake R and Coffee Lake

Jump to 2018 and Kaby Lake R has changed the game. Even with the low powered processors, like the i5 8250U, we can see 4 cores on a chip. It has enabled many laptops to reach really high performance without sacrificing on battery. Now with the release of Coffee Lake chips like the i7 8559U, the thin and light laptops will be able to perform really well even with low power draw.

The New Quad Core MacBook Pro Leak Source

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And that’s what happened. On Geekbench, a new MacBook Pro entry with Coffee Lake i7 8559U was spotted. The laptop scored an astounding 16607 on multi-core as compared to last year model’s 9500. The scores definitely match up-to that of a Coffee Lake i7.

The Take-away

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The most interesting thing to take away from all of this is that Apple may bless almost all the MacBook Pros with quad-core processor. Not just a chosen one like the last time. Interestingly, a MacBook Pro with Coffee Lake hexa core processor may also be in the works. As Apple tends to beef up at least one MacBook, we may even see an i9 MacBook Pro too. It is a bit early to call out what the exact SKUs will be but expect at least 4 cores on each new MacBook. Excited? Comment below!


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