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Major Rumor – ‘New Mutants’ May Be The First MCU X-Men Movie

With the Disney’s and Fox’s deal is the highlight of 2018. The fans of the mutant franchise are curious that what’s in the box for the Mutant franchisee. While the in-process movies appear to be entirely unaffected, a recent shuffling of release dates understandably raised some eyebrows, including Deadpool 2 shifting up two weeks, and New Mutants being delayed by ten months to February 2019.

New Mutants MCU X-Men

While Deadpool went through with the plans but the delay in the plans about the New Mutant was sure to grab the attention of the fans and the critics. The movie was not just three months from the big screens, but the film already had one trailer out, and marketing was at full scale, but now even the marketing has been cooled off till fall 2018.

But what caused the delay with shoots finalised what caused the film to cause a significant delay like that. The initial word on the street says the movie was being test screened with a positive reception, but the studio thought the movie’s horror elements could be stepped up even more. It’s not clear if this means re-editing and post-production work or additional reshoots, but the fact that it’s delayed a full ten months suggests something a little more intensive. The New Mutants were already scarier, does this delay has anything to do with MCU deal?

New Mutants MCU X-Men

Even with the movie’s already horror element into play, also stepping up the horror content wouldn’t take up as long as ten months. Can the New Mutants movie sow the seeds of connections to MCU?

As the newest X-Men spin-off, and with apparent plans for the future, it’s only logical to assume that New Mutants will need to be prepared to merge into the MCU or cease to exist. It’s not known how Marvel Studios will handle ownership of the X-Men rights, but Kevin Feige has said he’s excited for them to come home, meaning they will likely become a part of the fold. Its possible Fox will mostly be allowed to stay its current course, with “connections” being established similarly to the Marvel Netflix shows.

Also, the merger can also be coming from the ‘multiverse’ concept which has been already introduced in the MCU, with both franchisee’s mutant and the Avengers having now some character capable of travelling through time and dimensions, it’s highly possible that we would see the Mutants Universes merge through the alternate dimension concept.

New Mutants MCU X-Men

While this may be an approach to join the Universes, but a much cleaner way would be by rebooting the mutant franchise. Unlike the MCU, where the larger world and global events are mostly consistent from film to film, the X-Men universe could be abandoned, bringing the established characters into the MCU. Whether this is done by time travel, jumping into an alternate dimension, or some other cataclysmic event, something in the X-Men’s future will need to change, and New Mutants has an opportunity to plant those seeds.

So what’s the actual reason for the reshoots? We would see the changes shortly in future. What do you think is the reason for the delay? Let us know in the comment section below!

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