New Nacon Controllers for PS4 launched in India, start from Rs 2705

Nacon, one of the largest 3rd party PlayStation gamepad manufacturer, has launched 2 new controllers in India. The Nacon Revolution Pro 2 and the Nacon Wired Compact are the latest entries in the awesome Nacon range of PS4 gamepads. What do they entail? Let’s find out.

Nacon Revolution Pro 2

nacon revolution pro 2 nacon wired compact new nacon controllers

The Nacon Revolution Pro 2 is, as the name suggests, a revolution in controller design. While the standard Dual Shock 4 limits itself to default buttons and a touchpad, the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 adds a few extra buttons. You can freely customize these buttons and create long macros if you want. So if you are a pro Street Fighter player and are tired of mashing up the combo to fire Hadouken, you can just press a button and the controller will do the job for you. Apart from that, the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 comes with adjustable weights for those who like their controllers a bit beefier.

The Nacon Revolution Pro 2 uses a proprietary connector on the gamepad to connect to PS4. It doesn’t have wireless capabilities, but does come with a rugged and long cord. The gamepad has adjustable trigger sensitivity, joystick deadzones, and loads of other settings using the Nacon PC app.

Nacon Wired Compact Controller

nacon revolution pro 2 nacon wired compact new nacon controllers

The Nacon Wired Compact gamepad is a cheaper alternative to the standard Dual Shock 4 controller. The controller has the exact same buttons and trackpad as a standard DS4. It has no macro buttons. The gamepad also has no wireless capabilities, as the name suggests. The Nacon Wired Compact actually provides a nice user experience and has better joysticks than a standard DS4. The Gamepad also ditches the Six-Axis control and the inbuilt speaker.

Our Take on the New Nacon Controllers

Both the Nacon Revolution Pro 2 and Nacon Wired Compact are really great gamepads. For pros who are not satisfied with the limitations the DS4 provides and more, the Revolution Pro 2 is perfect. For people who want just another PS4 gamepad with nicer ergonomics at a cheaper price and do not care for wireless capabilities, the Nacon Wired Compact PS4 gamepad is perfect. The Revolution pro 2 is available for Rs 8,994 and the Wired Compact for Rs 2,705. We highly recommend the new Nacon controllers!

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