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New Overwatch hero Baptiste release date

Yesterday, Blizzard revealed new Overwatch hero Baptiste via an origin story on Twitter and YouTube. But they didn’t reveal Baptiste release date in Overwatch.

We can expect Baptiste hitting Overwatch PTR this Wednesday or Thursday.

New Overwatch hero Baptiste release date

Blizzard surprisingly revealed Baptiste after a single teaser four days before. Blizzard didn’t disclose any additional information about the new Overwatch hero. But the new hero should be seen first in the test servers before dropping to the live servers. Players will have to download the Overwatch PTR to test the Baptiste in casual online matches if Blizzard follows the usual schedule of the new hero release.

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Most probably, Baptiste will make its way to the live server three weeks later test server release. Maybe, Blizzard will make some tweaks to his ability and damage stats if needed before the live release.

Blizzard could also surprise everyone once again with a direct release of the hero into the live game. But, it is unlikely to happen as players would spend a couple of weeks with Baptiste in casual matches to send feedback. Blizzard will have time to figure out the hero’s bugs, working on feedbacks and what adjustments Baptiste requires.

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