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New Overwatch Hero Hammond Is Hamster In Wrecking Ball

New Overwatch Hero Hammond is finally added to the Overwatch PTR. Fans speculated it that Hammond could be a Monkey with mech vehicle but Hammon is actually a Hamster.

Hamster – New Overwatch Hero

Overwatch Hero Hamster

Hamster is problem creator with useful mechanic skills who always roll around in form of a huge wrecking ball to blow enemies by guns. Watch his first look here:

He is 6th Tank hero and 28th hero in the Overwatch’s roster. With a pair of automatic assault weapons, he can do heavy damage on opponents. He can transform in a wrecking ball to increase his speed and can deploy proximity mines to blow off opponents behind him.


The naughty Hamster can even grapple enemies with a grappling claw and whirled them to collide the with nearby buildings. He can launch enemies upward in the air by slamming them in the ground by piledriving them.


If you are still confusing between him and wrecking ball then, let me tell once again that wrecking ball is part of him which means ball itself is modified version of Hamster.

New Overwatch Hero Hamster Combat Mode  New Overwatch Hero

New Overwatch Hero wrecking ball can start team fights just by rolling into the enemy team. If he feels disadvantage in a fight, he can easily escape from the fray by using his grappling claw to reach a safe area. He can use grappling claw and minefield combination by swinging enemies and throw Minefield on them. He can finish an opponent by giving piledrive in mine of explosives.

Read More About Hamster At Overwatch Website

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